Forest Weddings at Fernwood Hills

Fernwood Hills “A hidden stunning outdoor location” immersed in nature and tucked in a beautiful forest.

Just minutes from London Ontario, in the welcoming town of Komoka, Ontario and nestled away in the lush green foliage and tall trees, is one of the most peaceful outdoor ceremony locations. We focus on the romance and intimacy of seeing each other for the first time on your special day, in an exquisite setting.

Fernwood Hills is a beautiful spot for your wedding ceremony.

The Bride can get ready in The Studio which is onsite and your guests can gather while you are putting the final touches together ready to stroll down a casual aisle over the bridge on a walk that is breathtaking, romantic and surreal.

Wedding Ceremonies

If you love the look of a wedding ceremony in a forest with a park setting, consider just a short drive out of the city. Hearing the relaxing sounds of nature, feeling the romance, and seeing the setting will help lower your stress, take in the moments and love your wedding day.
Everyone loves having the forest setting for photos! There are so many appealing opportunities here. The trees, the fields, the swings, are just a few of the “awes” that photographers mention. You can have the option that while photos are being taken for an hour or so, the guests can enjoy lawn games or ice cream and go for a walk on the trails. Ice Cream Trucks are popular as they can pull right up on a hot summer day and guests will go wild ordering their favourite novelty ice cream snack. It fills them up and cools them down till they get to the hall or place for your reception.
If you choose to celebrate with an evening ceremony, nothing is quite as magical as lights in the tall trees. With our team’s background in wedding photography, we look at details and creative design and we can help you put your ideas into reality. Make the ceremony truly your own by decorating lights on the bridge and surrounding trees. Walking down an aisle that is so relaxing and romantic. The prettiest picture you could want.
We can do more than one ceremony in a day but we do focus on one couple at a time and only have one going on at that specific time. Our private park has nice flush toilets, bench seating for your ceremony, or you can rent chairs if you really want to, but you certainly don’t have to go to that expense if you don’t want to. We also have lots of parking.
We encourage you to go to have your reception off-site at a close by location for an indoor meal, dance and party. We can expand on that and tell you why your guests will love being outside in the daytime for a few hours then inside for the evening. There are lots of places in the area and we can make suggestions on varying price points as well. Fernwood Hills, private park ceremony location is calming, relaxing and beautiful any time of year. We can host ceremonies inside our Hub for up to 40 people if need be so you don’t have to rent a backup tent for weather for small numbers. We love small weddings as well as those that are up to 160 but small is far more intimate. If you are concerned about the weather on your special day, there is the option of renting a backup tent for your ceremony.