“A hidden stunning outdoor location” immersed in nature and tucked in a beautiful forest.

At Fernwood Hills we strive offer the best intimate, micro wedding experience possible. Events inspired by nature, we offer a different take from a traditional wedding. Offering spaces to host intimate weddings of no more than 40 guests, immersed in the natural beauty of forest landscape, parkland and providing fresh food for events from our regenerative agriculture market garden. From elopements to a gathering of family and close friends we believe in hosting the best small wedding experiences while surrounded by nature.

Escape the city

Just minutes from London Ontario, in the welcoming town of Komoka, Ontario and nestled away in the lush green foliage and tall trees is one of the most peaceful outdoor ceremony locations. We focus on the romance and intimacy of seeing each other for the first time on your special day, in an exquisite setting. Looking for time away to disconnect from the city and reconnect with what is important. Nestled in the heart of South Western Ontario, in a beautiful forest. It is a cozy, romantic experience in the lush sanctuary of nature.

Smaller, more intimate, and most beautiful!

Couples are embracing this. Minimalism, Green, and Intimate. That goes for weddings now too!! If you haven’t heard before, you will hear more of Micro Weddings.  Smaller guest numbers. Guest lists that are between 20-40. You right away think, “We can’t do it.”  Think about it again and decide together, as a couple what each of you, not only want, but what your expectations are and mostly, what you really need. Sure, it’s a given that you want to enjoy your day to the fullest and you want to remember your day.  But what about the details? Separate from traditions. Venture to be unique.