The Studio at Fernwood Hills

The Studio is over 1000 sq feet of mainly open space with large windows letting in the natural light. Its purposes are multiple as its ambiance is cozy but classy. It holds between 10-30 depending on the purpose of your event and layout.With full light windows, high ceilings, a great view and a comfortable atmosphere it is a great setting for photos/video/hair and make-up.

The Studio

Redone from a 1960s Farmhouse to a mix of elegant and rustic The Studio at Fernwood Hills offers a space for brides to get ready for their wedding. Or to relax and unwind with a yoga class or meditation session, to host a small business event or do team building. At just over 1000 square feet its size offers a unique setting to feel comfortable yet cozy. Full of large windows The Studio is also a photographers dream come true, with endless amounts of natural light and a backdrop of nature at every turn. Warm up by the fireplace after a nice fresh walk in the winter through the forest. Your brain will relax and offer lots of creative ideas for your next project, your great idea, or hammering out your company vision and objectives.  Gathering in this setting lets participants relax and open up. Small groups of 20 or less can connect and feel rejuvenated after even a few hours away from the typical environment.

Whether it’s Yoga, Painting, Scrapbooking, or any other creative use we welcome instructors to talk to us about endless possibilities for your needs.
We also host showers, Christmas parties, gatherings, office getaways.

Getting ready in The Studio

Optional. However, most brides choose it, booking the on-site “Studio” which the girls can have their hair and make-up done (your stylist or our referral) and get ready and have their pre-photos done. Even, if you are already booked at another venue, you still may want to consider Fernwood Hills for “Getting Ready” at The Studio or to have a First Look. Our cozy building with natural light from the large windows is an excellent place for the Bride and the girls to start the day, and it’s easier, so mom doesn’t have to fuss to get the house all ready. Photographers love this space with its natural light for the pre-photos, rain or shine. Remember, if it’s not rented for a wedding with us, you are welcome to book it, no matter where you’re going after for the rest of your day.
The Studio is a great option as well for Brides to use to get ready in on their wedding day, before their ceremony or First Look. Whether you’re getting married at Fernwood Hills or another venue, you can book The Studio for your pre-ceremony time.

Rain on your Wedding Day?

You don’t have to worry if you book The Studio at Fernwood Hills for your photo time! A perfect option for a rainy day! Komoka, Ontario, only 10 minutes from London Ontario.

Couples and Photographers give yourselves less anxiety when the forecast is rain! Amazing indoor location for Wedding photos rain or shine! Rent a two-hour block of time for your wedding day, for your backup plan for your wedding party and bride and groom photos!

This building has superb lighting with its large windows, great classy/rustic space and lots of parking close. Just what you need regarding making your day less stressful any time of the year! It’s a minimal price to pay for a lot of peace of mind. It keeps you dry and warm. It is well worth it. Call or email even up to a week or even a few days before your wedding to see if it is available…if the forecast is rain, it lets you still be relaxed!